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Who are we?

features the talents of two cool kats, Shirley Hughes, and Marc Wonnacott.

From a long list of eclectic talents that include organizing Olympic qualifying events, composing music for film, producing and distributing short film, and chefing in an Italian restaurant, both have written for print and both have years of management experience. Both are creative; yet understand deadlines, timelines and budgets. It's true… these are creative types who understand business, as scary as that may seem.

Recent Projects:  

  • The Toronto SILENT FILM Festival now planning it's tenth year! Event Producer, Programming, Marketing and Design, including website, posters, brochures, programmes, buttons and T-Shirts.

  • Website design for Stuart O’Hara Inc.

  • Design and production of “Film Notes” for the TTOS film presentations.

  • The re-issue of land of giants 1982 single cannibal dolls / seven men on CD with nine previously unreleased songs.


Toronto SILENT FILM Festival
Website www.torontosilentfilmfestival.com

email: torontosilentfilm@gmail.com
Twitter @tosilentfilm
Facebook TorontoSilentFilmFestival

land of giants
website www.landofgiants.ca

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